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FAQ: Performance

What has been the historical performance of the portfolios in which you invest?

We offer six globally diversified balanced funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors. Each fund represents different asset allocations between stocks and bonds. You can view or download each portfolio by clicking on the buttons below.

40% Equity

DFA Global 40EQ-60FI
Portfolio Report

Global 40EQ-60FI Portfolio F Performance.pdf

50% Equity

DFA Global 50EQ-50FI
Portfolio Report

Global 50EQ-50FI Portfolio F Performance.pdf

60% Equity

DFA Global 60EQ-40FI
Portfolio Report

Global 60EQ-40FI Portfolio F Performance.pdf

70% Equity

DFA Global 70EQ-30FI
Portfolio Report

Global 70EQ-30FI Portfolio F Performance.pdf

80% Equity

DFA Global 80EQ-20FI
Portfolio Report

Global 80EQ-20FI Portfolio Performance F.pdf

100% Equity

DFA Global Equity
Portfolio Report

Global 100EQ Portfolio F Performance.pdf

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